Habitat and botanical survey and monitoring

Our work

Manta Ecology has a wealth of experience in habitat and botanical surveying across Scotland, from the borders to the Outer Hebrides to Orkney.

We have surveyed the mire communities and subcommunities of coastal, montane, sub-alpine, dry and wet heath, raised and blanket bog, springs, soakways, swamps, fens, rush pastures and flushes,, sand dune communities, mesotrophic, calcicolous and calcifugous grasslands, upland communities, communities of open and disturbed ground and woodlands, this includes;

National Vegetation Classification (NVC) surveying and mapping;

  • National Vegetation Classification
  • Phase 1 Habitat Mapping
  • Site Condition Monitoring
  • Herbivore and Habitat Impact Assessments
  • Vascular plant surveys of rare montane, alpine and arctic plants
  • Peatland restoration feasibility studies including Peatland Condition Assessment, peat depth, baseline vegetation and hydrology surveys

We offer surveying onsite, GIS mapping, report writing and the production of Habitat Management Plans.